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Sales Wizardry

Discover the Magic of Effortless Prospecting

Unlock the next level of sales strategy with MagicProspect. Our feature set is your spellbook — packed with AI insights, seamless integrations, deep data, and flexible pricing — to help you close deals like a wizard.

AI-Generated Dossiers
Unveil the secrets behind your potential clients like a wizard reading a crystal ball. MagicProspect crafts a comprehensive dossier on your prospects using AI, giving you the foresight you need to make the perfect pitch.
RESTful API Integration
Just like a magical portal connecting realms, our RESTful API seamlessly integrates MagicProspect into your existing sales tools (e.g., Pipedrive, Outreach). Summon dossiers on-demand and add a touch of wizardry to your pipeline.
Comprehensive Knowledge Base
Wizards never go into battle without their trusted spellbooks. MagicProspect gathers all publicly available information into a robust knowledge base, empowering you with invaluable insights about the company and prospect you're targeting.
Flexible Pricing with Credits
Unlock the power of MagicProspect with our mystical credit system. Start with 10 free credits and purchase more as you go — the more you buy, the less each credit costs. It’s like storing magical energy for future quests!

Frequently asked questions

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What is MagicProspect?
MagicProspect is a specialized tool designed to assist sales teams by providing in-depth, AI-generated dossiers on potential clients. By harnessing the vast amount of public data and seamlessly integrating with other applications via API, it offers a wizardly approach to modern sales strategies.
How is MagicProspect priced?
MagicProspect operates on a credit system where each prospect dossier requires one credit. New users are granted 10 free credits upon sign-up. As part of our beta release we're offering three discounted pricing tiers for purchasing credits:
  • 100 credits for $10
  • 200 credits for $18 (10% discount)
  • 500 credits for $40 (20% discount)
How extensive is the data that MagicProspect collects?
MagicProspect taps into a vast reservoir of public data to build its knowledge base. The goal is to provide as comprehensive a picture of your prospect as possible, giving you an unparalleled edge in your sales strategies.
Can I integrate MagicProspect with other applications?
Absolutely! MagicProspect offers a seamless RESTful API integration, enabling you to blend its capabilities into tools like Pipedrive, Outreach, and other applications. It's designed to be a complementary tool, ensuring versatility in various sales pipelines.

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